Your brand should be a symbol of the all-in-one experience your business provides, and there are many distinct tips to consider whenever you are offering a new product or service.

The fundamentals of branding.

  • It should be unique to what you offer and consistent.
    • The name should be easily pronounced, memorable, and not similar to your competitors.
    • Your colors should be based on what you offer because they evoke emotions and set tones.

Branding Your New Product

  1. Think big.  Consider the growth possibilities with future product lines and shoot for the stars.
  2. Customer reactions. Consider the value your product will provide to your customers and the emotions those values will evoke in them.
  3. Designing for Success. If you do not have a designer in-house, you may want to consider hiring one who could collect the information you provide and offer a variety of branding options.
  4. Launch Success.  Always use your current brand with your new product’s brand when marketing, so your customers can easily connected to one another.
  5. Testing 1-2-3. You will want the most important test questions to be focused on the execution of how your existing business ties in with the new brand, and the memorability of the latter..

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