When Life Shows Up

I once had an experience that brought forth some old patterns that I was unconsciously aware still existed.  It was a perfect example of when we are in those moments of going about our daily lives, and not paying attention. I received a phone call from a law firm located in a state I had not lived in for over a year and a half.  This voicemail was innocent enough, but in my humanness, I did what so many people do… I freaked out. My thoughts literally went this way and that way, and I kept repeating, “I didn’t DO anything!”  “Why are these people calling me?” “Who is out to get me???”  Well, needless to say, these thoughts affected a good portion of my weekend; I had consciously taken a trip down Victimhood Lane. As a Reiki Master, I have so many tools in my tool shed.  EFT, a singing bowl, wind pipes, OM bells, sage, incense, tons of crystals, meditation audios, and more.  I talk so often with my Higher Self that, at times, I think it is off taking a cosmic coffee break… just to get me to stop, absorb the guidance I have already received, follow it in full faith and know it to be truth, allow this truth to manifest into my physical reality, and just be.  Of course, while in this moment, none of the tools were in use. Michael Linenberger, author of Master Your Workday Now, refers to these moments of humanness as UFOs (Unnecessary Freak Outs), but I like to think of them as opportunities of transformation (OOFs).  It’s during these UFOs that we learn so much about where we are right now, and what we need to heal, and let go of.  My seemingly silly “panic attack” affected me so much that I couldn’t think or focus on anything else.  But within those thoughts, came this insight… “Hmmmm… this is how I used to react whenever challenges came my way.  How can I shift, so that when this happens again, my reaction will be different?”  It was when I posed this question that change came about. Life is going to show up whether we want it to, or not, however, it’s our reaction to what shows up that matters.  You can choose the UFOs and stay in that vibration where you may, perhaps, lose your appetite, your joy, and even consciousness (if you’re a fainter), OR you can choose the shift.  The shift is when you see the challenge as an opportunity for you to honor what no longer serves you… and let it go.  The shift is when your reaction to life stems from level-headedness, inner peace, and a deep sense of knowing that all is well, everything is working out for your highest good; out of this situation, only good will come, and you are safe. (a lovely affirmation by Louise L. Hay). UFOs aren’t “bad”, or “wrong”; they’re what make us human, and we should embrace them for if we had no contrast in our lives, there would be no growth.  I’m reminded of the chorus from Human League’s 80s hit, Human, where the lead singer says, “I’m only human, of flesh and blood, I’m made.  Human… born to make “mistakes”. We’re not making any “mistakes”… we’re merely choosing the experiences that come with being… human, and in this choosing, we gain more experiences of greater expansion and awareness of self.