We already know the significance in branding a product/service. By giving our customers a brand, we are giving them the perception of who we are and what we stand for. Your brand should be a symbol of the all-in-one experience your business provides and it should stimulate the emotional response that your customer’s connects with you. There are many distinct tips to consider when an established company/business wants to brand a new product or service.

Before we start with branding a new product or service it is important to remember the fundamentals of branding. These include:

  • Brand names should be unique to what your product or service offers to its customer. Its name should not be similar to competitors, and should stand apart from anything that has come before it.
  • Brand name should be easily pronounced. Often times, shorter names have more memorability.
  • Brand colors should be picked based off of the product or service provided. Colors evoke emotions and set tones.
  • Brand consistently throughout every aspect of the process. This starts with the name, logo, website, and advertising.

Now we will want to focus on branding for an established business. This is done differently than branding a new company/business. Your business is operational and you already have clientele, a website, and marketing but you are getting ready to launch a new product/service that deserves its own brand. Here are some tips to keep in mind while getting started.


1. Before creating your new product/service brand, you will want to remember to think big. Do not underestimate your new project. Consider the growth possibilities with future product lines and shoot for the stars.

2. Choose a brand name that incorporates both your existing business with your new product or service. This newest product/service could be the next big thing, so you will want your business name to be tied into it.

3. Consider what about your newest product/service will tie into to your customers emotionally. This means thinking about what value your product provides to your customers and the emotions those values will evoke in them. You will want these emotions to be tied not only in your new project but in your company as a whole.

4. You may want to consider hiring a professional designer who could collect the information you provide and offer a variety of branding options. An alternative would be to have open discussions with your employees regarding ideas. Branding is something you will want to invest time and consideration into.

5. When launching your new product/service always use your business brand along with your new product/service brand for advertising, marketing and promotions. Customers should always see the two brands connected until the sight of one brand provokes the thought of the other.

6. Always test your branding on people who could gain from the value your product or services provides. You will want the most important test questions to be focused on the execution of tying your existing business in with your new product/service brand and memorability of the new brand.