The Campaign

S.E.A. Campaign - Adonya WongLaunched in 2009, S.E.A.  is a campaign that assists established  nonprofit organizations with their continual missions to raise awareness and public  acceptance for individuals and families living with Autism. As a parent, I believe in educating the public of the importance of looking beyond the  behaviors and the “dis”ability.  And that by eliciting compassion and empathy towards  individuals with autism, only then will they be able to see the individual and their infinite possibilities. Like the sea, autism  is complex and mysterious.  It affects individuals from  every ethnic, cultural, and religious background, and due to its unbiased nature, it is my hope that this campaign will eradicate any misconceptions and judgments placed upon these individuals and their families. Through community initiatives and networking efforts, it is the goal of this campaign to implement awareness and educational programs with local libraries, schools, and entertainment venues such as movie theaters, museums, and galleries.  These programs will afford individuals with autism the opportunity to patronize these establishments in a sensory-friendly and supportive environment.

How Can You Help?

All proceeds from the sale in the online store are donated! Your continued support will assist these organizations and this campaign with our mission goals!