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Adonya Wong, author of In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism” … an endearing tale about how one child with autism sees the world… and how the world sees him.

I began writing short stories and poems at a young age and I find that I writes best through the inspiration of those close to me. In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism (Tate Publishing, 2009) is my first book, and it was inspired by my beautiful prince, Nicholas, who was diagnosed with Autism in February 2005. My primary motivation for writing such a book stemmed from the most basic recognition that there was a scarcity of literature directed to and written for children with autism and their families. As one reader commented, “Though the book is meant for children, it also poignantly reaches adults, inspiring them to examine their own preconceptions about people with developmental and other disabilities. The book teaches both children and adults to see the world through the eyes of others who may be different than they are, eliciting compassion, tolerance and patience from the reader.”
In My Mind is a full-color book depicting the world as seen through the eyes of a young boy with autism—a world no one else can see. From exciting adventures to silly games and conversations with friends, look closely and see how a child with autism sees the world… and, in turn, how the world often sees him.


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