“Most remarkable about this book though is the story’s ultimate message to the readers, which upholds one crucial truth: We know very little about the interior worlds of other individuals, and under-serve one another by placing restrictions upon each other with limiting judgments. This applies to children and adults who are considered challenged, unusual in some way, and even those we think we know so well. Adonya Wong’s book offers you a very positive way to promote expansive thinking, celebration of diversity, and tolerance of the unknown through your child’s personal library.” Purple Zoe, Editor, Purple Magazine
“Though the book is meant for children, it also poignantly reaches adults, inspiring them to examine their own preconceptions about people with developmental and other disabilities. The book teaches both children and adults to see the world through the eyes of others who may be different than they are, eliciting compassion, tolerance and patience from the reader.” Holly Wall, Associate Editor, Tulsa Business Journal
“Appropriate for children and adults a like. In My Mind… is not ‘just another children’s book’ nor is it ‘yet another book about autism’. I believe this book absolutely holds a place both in the autism and special-ed classrooms and on the shelves of every school library.” MaryTara Wurmser, Parent Advocate and Blog Owner, The Bon Bon Gazette
“This book is a fun and enlightening experience for all readers! It is a wonderful and clear representation of how the world of a child with Autism can be different but also understandable. What an amazing perspective!” Staci Kapla, Special Education Teacher specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders
“What a refreshing way to look at Autism. As an educator/counselor, it truly touches the heart and allows the reader to explore life with the main character. Thank you for sharing; I absolutely loved it!” Janeen Scaringelli, High School Counselor
“I like how the imaginings are followed by the images of what people in our world see. I do know the visions in the heads of children with autism are remarkable indeed. I had not ever envisioned those for myself as you did in the book. I think this is a wonderful book.”  Phyllis Stout, Instructional Support Coordinator
In My Mind, the World through the Eyes of Autism is a well-written book which opens the readers mind to the world of autism. Autism is a mystical condition; this book gave me insight into what we merely see on the surface when dealing with people diagnosed with autism. Through this picture book, I was able to connect with what lies beneath the observable characteristics. I really enjoyed the book and have encouraged others to read it as well.” Renee Blackford, District Special Education Facilitator