Welcome to Your Trillionaire Life!

DATE: January 20, 2017

A little over a year ago, I began playing my version of Abraham-Hicks’ Prosperity Game. In my version, I was to circulate $1,000,000,000,000.00. That’s ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!  Well, I got as far as $428,775,306,368.00, and believe me when I say that is a lot of moolah to circulate.

In the beginning, I was pretty resistant with the amounts I was receiving. However, spending them was not an issue.

After a while, it all became really fun, particularly, when I reached the point where I was donating more than I was keeping.

So, grab a brand-new notebook, and start circulating your daily deposits.

May your money vibration increase and your money worries fall to the wayside.

Here’s to your wealth!

Daily Empowering Question

Ask yourself this question, while watching the video (in fullscreen). There is no sound; just enjoy the movement of the money as you repeat the question. Lather, rinse, repeat throughout the day as needed.

Why does money always flow so easily and effortlessly to me?

Daily Deposits

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Day 1 Deposit: $25,557.00

Day 2 Deposit: $51,114.00

Day 3 Deposit: $102,228.00

Day 4 Deposit: $204,456.00

Day 5 Deposit: $408,912.00

Day 6 Deposit: $817,824.00

Day 7 Deposit: $1,635,648.00

Day 8 Deposit: $3,271,296.00

Day 9 Deposit: $6,542,592.00

Day 10 Deposit: $13,085,184.00

Day 11 Deposit: $26,170,368.00

Day 12 Deposit: $52,340,736.00

Day 13 Deposit: $104,681,472.00

Day 14 Deposit: $209,362,944.00

Day 15 Deposit: $418,725,888.00

Day 16 Deposit: $837,451,776.00

Day 17 Deposit: $1,674,903,552.00

Day 18 Deposit: $3,349,807,104.00

Day 19 Deposit: $6,699,614,208.00

Day 20 Deposit: $13,399,228,416.00

Day 21 Deposit: $26,798,456,832.00

Day 22 Deposit: $53,596,913,664.00

Day 23 Deposit: $107,193,827,328.00

Day 24 Deposit: $214,387,654,656.00

Day 25 Deposit: $428,775,309,312.00

Day 26 Deposit: $857,550,618,624.00

Day 27 Deposit: $1,715,101,237,248.00

Day 28 Deposit: $3,430,202,474,496.00

Day 29 Deposit: $6,860,404,948,992.00

Day 30 Deposit: $13,720,809,897,984.00

Rule #1

Spend each deposit on the day it is received.

Rule #2

Do not spend more than you receive.

Rule #3

No saving for … college, or a rainy day. You are financially loaded. Act like it!

Rule #4

No hand outs (verifiable charitable donations excluded).

Rule #5

No guessing. If you are buying a car, real estate, or whatever… get the real amount.

Rule #6

Start calling your bills, “monthly thank you’s”. Pay them with a smile on your face.

Rule #7

Pay attention to how you feel as you receive the deposit and circulate it. If you do not feel good, take a deep breath until the feeling passes.

Rule #8

Have FUN!