People love to do business Virtually. From shopping to paying bills to hiring a mentor. Whatever a prospect desires to experience can be done Virtually. 

Unlike a traditional brick and mortar company, you cannot engage with prospective clients face-to-face.  This can make attracting customers, selling products, and keeping things organized a bit challenging.

Here are 5 simple tips that will keep your virtual business organized, accessible, and looking fabulous to visitors!

1. Balance
When organizing your virtual business, it is important to balance your offerings and information carefully. Many sites overwhelm people with too much content, busy pages that contain excessive media, or annoying pop-up boxes requesting their information.

While it is important to give a visitor information about your product or service they desire, you must ensure that you do so in a balanced way.

2. Relevance
One mistake many virtual businesses make is offering content that is either not relevant to WHY the visitor is on your site or does not add value to them.

While it is okay to include a history of your company somewhere on your site, it is probably not the best content for your homepage, which is your visitor’s first, and MOST important, impression of you.

When deciding how to organize your virtual business, put yourself in your prospects shoes and, using that perspective, decide what content is most important; that creates the greatest value for a them.

3. Navigation
Another mistake a virtual business often makes is trying to make their navigation too fancy or complex.

While setting yourself apart from competitors is generally a good idea, be sure to organize your virtual business in a way that is familiar to patrons in the area of navigation.

When people land on your homepage or open your app, they expect to see a certain format for that offers an easy-to-follow/understand browsing experience. If you stray too far from this format, it could confuse, frustrate, and scare visitors away.

4. Optimization
Search engines can send a lot of traffic to a virtual business, so it is important to organize your website that optimizes it for search engines to find AND recommend.

One way that this is done is by selecting certain keywords or key phrases that MATCH your content. As search engines browse your page, they will find these words or phrases and place your business in results that match them.  And if you have properly organized your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan then you have the potential of ranking higher in said searches.

5. Trustworthiness
Finally, when organizing your virtual business, be sure to include all necessary security elements and take sufficient safety precautions.  This provides an element of trust with your visitor.

Also consider adding an emblem, sentence, or seal to your site that lets visitors know from where the protection for the site is coming. Links or emblems showing Better Business Bureau membership, feedback from past customers, independent reviews of your company, or a SSL certificate will amplify this trust.

Let VE get you organized and optimized!