As every business is different and offers specialized products and/or services, there are a number of steps you can customize and follow to successfully launch your new project. Why is a product launch important to small businesses? Project launches are an innovative way to grab the attention of the most important people to your business, both new and long-term customer base, and show them how your latest project makes your business go above and beyond all expectations and provides a unique product/service to the world.


  • What is your project’s objective?Compile a list of goals that you desired to be met. It is also important to compile a list of negative outcomes that could arise. By looking at the negative along with the positive, you are pro-actively troubleshooting flaws.
  • Who is your target audience? How can you expand the parameter to include potential new clientele?This information leads to the desired marketability of your project. The point to a project launch is to spread the news on what your business can provide to the world and that starts with efficiently and effectively promoting and marketing your project.
  • Do you have the systems in place to fulfill new orders?A successful launch is just the beginning to a successful project. It is important for your business to be prepared to meet new demands.


  • Plan and coordinate an event to promote your project.Focus this event around your product and/or service highlighting to the attendees, the value and enrichment your project will provide for them and others.
  • Be very clear when delivering timelines so there is no confusion with starting and stopping dates.
  • Be informative and paint for your customers an irreplaceable picture of what their life/business would be like with your product and/or service in it.This could be done through a well written speech and/or an inspiring presentation.
  • Have customer care in place for the participants/customers.If you have team, all members should be knowledgeable of who your guests are.

Follow Through

  • Public and private thanks should be given to all people whom helped and attended the launch. Appreciation and customer service is what sets any business apart from their competition.
  • Analyze what participants/customers saw in your business and project.  What were the strengths and weaknesses?This information will help with future planning and improve growth. Follow through with additional tips and upsells. Ask for your audience to a personal testimony for your endeavors on their website and/or social media.
  • Follow through on your project’s objective.By successfully completing this project you pave the way to your next.

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