Live Event Planning & Management

  • Recruit, vet and book complementary speakers
  • Recruit, vet and monitor JV partner performance
  • Hotel Site Selection & Contract Negotiations*
  • Manage room blocks and guest list*
  • Contact potential speakers
  • Coordinate speaker bookings
  • Manage speaker documents (agreements, W-9s, etc.)
  • Organize and manage speaker information for event
  • Manage event marketing and social media
  • Manage event emails to speaker
  • Organize and schedule all event announcements (for registrants & JVs)
  • Create/Update all event pages
  • Create event graphic design & editing
  • Manage all aspects of Customer Service management
  • Manage all aspects of Joint Venture/Referral Partner management
  • Manage all data (event, participants, etc.)


Event Consultation

Receive a step-by-step plan that will help you turn your next, or current, event into a raving SUCCESS!
(2 hours [can be split into 2 calls]; recorded via Skype)

  • Review current event plans/ideas
  • Review production plan
  • Purpose & Mission Statement
    • Topic
    • Paid/Free
    • Speaker Layout
    • Event Duration
    • Pre-production timeline
    • LIVE event tasks
    • Post-event tasks
    • Event tools and resources
  • 15 days of follow-up email support