Bonus Offers: Why You Need Them

A bonus offer is any free item that you or your Joint Venture Partner create for the purposes of attracting people to your other products. 

Goals and Incentives

  • The goal with doing a giveaway is to draw in your ideal clients and keep them doing business with you.
  • Create a gift that your target market will be eager to have.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter to receive your free gift.
  • Create a follwup email sequence to keep your new subscribers engaged.
Now that we know what a bonus offer is, we need to move on to how to create the right one for your JV Partnership. Analyze what your customers’ needs are along with creative ideas for fulfilling those needs. This relies on services and/or products your JV Partnership provides.


  1. If your business is a landscaping/design company and your JV Partner’s business is a heating and cooling company, then a great idea for a bonus gift would be a digital seasonal weatherization checklist.  This is ideal because both businesses can distribute it, and it will add value to the consumer.
  2. If you operate a company that provides services to small businesses and your JV Partnership has been very successful in meeting long-term goals then a great idea for your gift giveaway would be a short eBook that tells the story of your JV Partnership success with tips and tricks you have developed along the way.  Again, both parties contribute, distribute, and there is added value for the recipient.


Social media doubles as a tool to market traffic to your website. Simply make a post advertising the offer, attach a link to your website where they will register for access then ask folks to Like and Share the post. Your website should be prepared in advance and have directions for rules to register. Make sure that this portion of the website is very easy to navigate through and uses clear and simple instruction. Another tip is to make sure the registration process is neither lengthy nor complex.


Depending on which method of bonus gift you have chosen, there are different tools associated with creating and providing the gift to your customers. It is recommended that you do not rush this process. Do your research. The goal is to increase your customer volume while providing value to your customer’s experiences. It often takes money to make money. The benefit of Joint Venture Partnerships means the cost in this endeavor could be split as well as the work that is required.

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