In this post, we will discuss the 5 mistakes people make on Facebook and how they can be easily avoided.

  1. You are unwilling to invest at least an hour a day creating or posting content that will advance your brand.  If this is you then this platform is not for you.  If want to gain the attention of its BILLIONS of users then you must be willing to do the work.  You must be willing to set aside this short investment of your time and energy if you want to feel like Norm from the hit TV show, Cheers.
  2. You confuse your personal profile (the default that is set up when you sign up) with your business page.  Since this platform allows businesses to separate personal from business, there is no reason why you should not be taking advantage of this feature.  Creating a page, or a target-specific group, for your business will not only help users recognize your brand, it will also help you stay brand-focused.
  3. Your page is a hot mess.  You have chosen to cram it to the hilt with content that is NOT relevant to your brand. Content such as photos of your kids, your family, your pets, etc.  Of course, if those photos ARE part of your brand, we suggest you minimize how often you use such content.  Instead, create blogs and graphics that will better help folks understand, and advance, your brand.  
  4. Everybody knows about everything that is going on in your personal life.  If you are are constantly posting about one personal issue after another, you are hurting your brand.  Save these post types for private messaging.  Keep the personal stuff under wraps.
  5. Your are not mindful of who you make a ‘Friend .  All it takes is one bad apple to make your hard work be for naught.  While working on item 1, we suggest you fit in time to monitor your page and personal profile for any negative feedback because leaving it unaddressed will be a detriment to your brand.

Get your Facebook in order!