In this brief article, we will discuss the two preventable business traps.
  • Mistake #1 – You try to go it alone. See our post, The Price You Pay for NOT Outsourcing, for a detailed breakdown of this mistake.You could invest THOUSANDS in time, energy, and resources managing and not focusing on increasing your business’s bottomline (e.g. signing new clients, selling more products, creating new programs/services).
  • Mistake #2 – You go for the lowest bid. Scenario: You grab someone for a few dollars an hour, and this person says they can help for said dollar amount.  In most cases, they lack the experience, knowledge and resources to complete the work. In this scenario, “less” ended up costing you more.
Our goal is to save you money and your sanity!

If you are tired of flying solo or dealing with incompetent assistance, let VE help you soar to new heights!